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Pre-Orders are open from April 5th to May 5th.

We are extremely excited to announce that pre-orders for the Aspiro Zine are now open from April 5th to May 5th!

The zine is packed with up to 60 artworks and 11 stories all about the magical world that we get to experience in the Netflix series The Dragon Prince.

Aspiro is a charity Zine, and after production and shipping costs our profits will go to Akanksha, a charity that works to provide low-income children in India with the best education possible through their own school systems.

Please check out our individual optitons including:
Digital Zine: Digital 140+ page zine
Physical Zine: Perfect Bound 90+ page zine (includes the digital zine)
Merch Only: All 10 merch items that we have in store (4 postcards, 2 stickersheets, 1 print, 1 notepad, 1 enamel pin and 1 charm)
Partial Merch Bundles: Physical and digital zine alongside 5 merch items (in 2 different variations)
Full Bundle: Physical and digital zine alongside all 10 merch items


Our Stretch Goals:*
The Sky (25 orders) -
One map print of The Dragon Prince world and a stickersheet added
The Stars (50 orders) - One extra charm and print added
The Ocean (75 orders) - One 1.25″ Runaan coin added
The Earth (100 orders) - One silver foil postcard and a doublesided print added
The Sun (125 orders) - One 1″ Bait pin added
The Moon (150 orders) - All digital exclusive content added to the printed zine upgrading the current 90+ pages to 140+ pages!

* Only the items with the specific primal source icons are eligible for the respective stretch goals.


Earn a chance to win a physical zine just by reblogging once a day! Don’t miss this chance!
Winner will be contacted via DM. If the winner has already bought the zine we will issue a refund if an extra copy is not desired.

And as always - Any questions? Check out our F.A.Q. or just send us an ask!
Want to join our public Discord Crew? Use this invite!

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Thank you for your continuous interest!

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