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Burnout, 2018.

Three years ago, my constantly worsening sleep deprivation and stress resulted in a burnout. I’m 30 years old now, at the time of posting this comic, and I still haven’t recovered fully. I still have the heart symptoms - even the smallest amount of stress brings the symptoms back. It’s likely I will never recover enough to work a fulltime job again and I can’t go back to high-stress environments like customer service. But that’s alright. I am more than just my work. I’m slowly learning to be merciful towards myself and to show myself the same kindness I show others, and I think that’s very important.

This is my story and I won’t be ashamed any more.

I needed this. Especially the percentage part. As someone who compares myself to others a lot, I really needed that.

Your best is yours, not anyone else’s

Just to emphasize

holy shit….

like all the symptoms but heart ones are resonating so hard with me that I’m fighting tears….

@boleynbitch I feel you 😭😭

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