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hey fellas we have (untranslated) vol 9 character bios

So I saw that it’s been a few days and no one translated it so:

Cinnabar- They understand Kongou’s loneliness more than anyone else.

Bortz- Their heart must be as strong as their body is, and that in itself makes them feel the pressure.

Sphene- Carefree, wants to make woodworks.

Peridot- Carefree, wants to make paper.

Jade- Internally, they are perplexed by Euclase’s excessive dependability.

Euclase- Kind and smart. Thinking about everyone.

Phos- The protagonist. Doing their best.

Amethyst- One of the gem twins. There are times when they just want to be alone.

Alexandrite- Dual personality. Wants to meet chrysoberyl.

Benito- Plain, but this member of the group is valuable.

Cairngorm- Formerly in charge of the winter. There’s a reason for their knit eyebrows.

Diamond- Cute. Their ability to adapt to their environment is high.

Yellow- The oldest. They show an irregularly weak and unexpected side.

Rutile- A doctor fallen from their good cause. Thinks about nothing but Padparadscha.

Hemimorphite- While they do think seriously about the future, they are relatively fun everyday.

Watermelon- Fun everyday.

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