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Tagged by @ruisninomiya1) are you named after anyone?My first name is just a name my mother (and a...


Tagged by @ruisninomiya

1) are you named after anyone?

My first name is just a name my mother (and a number of other people) really loved but my middle name is also my grandma’s middle name

2) when was the last time you cried?

This morning I got all teary because my cats were being cute

3) do you have kids?

I have two cats who are like children to me and sometimes I have the puppo

4) do you use sarcasm a lot?

Far too much

5) whats the first thing you notice about people?

Shoes or voice

6) what’s your eye color?


7) scary movie or happy ending?

I am awful with scary movies (not that it stops me from watching them) but I prefer the happy ending

8) any special talents?

I have really good memorization skills?  I guess I am also a pretty decent writer at times

9) where were you born?


10) do you have any hobbies?

Writing, knitting, reading, learning languages, and collecting things

11) do you have any pets?

Milly, my little diva, Daisy, my happy baby, and Charlie, the wild child

12) what sports do you play/have you played?

Softball, badminton, volleyball, basketball, and tennis

13) How tall are you?


14) favorite subject at school?


15) dream job?

Honestly anything that pays well and doesn’t stress me out too much

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