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Random excerpts from The Dragon Prince commentary stream:



  • Callum has a photographic memory, which is why he’s so good at magic. If you mess the runes up even a little bit, they can blow up in your face.
  • Viren and Harrow have known each other for a long time, possibly since they were kids.(So odds are low that Viren is the original dark mage from the intro)
  • Callum’s glowy cube thing being found in a box of keys is definitely important. (“Interesting that the cube would be in a box of keys, isn’t it? Wonder what Harrow was thinking?”)
  • The place that has Sarai’s statue is called “The Valley of Graves” and it’s full of the graves of dead kings and queens
  • Sarai was a warrior, like Amaya
  • Amaya’s right pauldron is bigger than the left so that her shield-bashing arm has more mobility
  • Viren does favor Claudia over Soren, which Soren has lowkey picked up on. It’s given him a little bit of an inferiority complex, which might explain why he’s a bit of a bully toward Callum.
  • The sunfire sword in the end credits is distinct from the dagger we see, and seems like it might be important.
  • They have a bit of an in-joke about the vet in The Dagger and the Wolf in that THREE separate times he says there’s nothing he can do to help a given animal. He’s just the worst vet ever.
  • Claudia’s hand light is a cantrip, that’s why she doesn’t need runes or magical creatures
  • Callum perceives himself and others as anime protagonists, basically. Much cooler than they are in real life. 
  • Runaan is named after one of the writer’s night elf hunter from WoW 
  • The way Viren behaves when he’s in the dungeon is a more accurate picture of who he is since he’s not putting on a performance for anyone.
  • Elf horns do not grow back. 
  • The giant leech is an illusion too. There was originally a scene where Rayla slid down its back but they cut it because that wouldn’t have worked.
  • Elves “don’t really understand the concept of money.“ 
  • Rayla has an easier time opening up to Ezran because Ez has been very open with her and has trusted her, while Callum has been suspicious and they’ve gotten into a lot of arguments
  • “pay close attention to the music you hear when the mirror is on screen” WHAT DOES THIS MEAN
  • One of the pins on Ezran’s backpack is Amaya’s symbol
  • The VA who plays the Moon Elf at the nexus(Lujanne) does the voices for all the illusions
  • She’s also manually piloting the illusions that whole time, like she has a CCTV camera and everything
  • Rayla and Lujanne will have an interesting relationship (IF WE GET MORE EPISODES, C’MON NETFLIX)

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